About us

Our Approach

GRG Executive Search represents a highly-experienced, well-trained and business-conscious team, with an unparalleled network of finance professionals across the UK. Consultants within GRG Executive Search include Chartered Accountants, Oxbridge Graduates and Masters-educated HR practitioners.  We believe that this combination of professional skill and talent differentiates us from the competition.  

We are constantly learning from engagements with clients and candidates, and constantly refining our approach. Adaptability and flexibility are hallmarks of our service and this means the best candidates trust our advice on new opportunities and refer others. 

An End-to-End Process

Whilst appointments differ vastly in terms of their demands and requirements, our tried and tested methodology can be applied effectively across a variety of assignment types. 

Building on our existing knowledge, our first step is to map out the marketplace; finding people who are currently achieving in similar environments, and uncovering new talent that will enhance your business.  

Upon identifying a strong list of potential candidates, our longlist, we would initiate contact with them to discuss the role consistent with the agreed attraction content.  This is the stage where most recruiters and search firms lose access to the best candidates – and potentially worse, compromise the employer brand on a longer-term basis.  

From there, we would interview the candidates for your campaign with a focus on agreed key skills and criteria. 

We also incorporate the management of candidates through the hiring process, maximising buy-in and minimising risk of declined offers.  We manage their other opportunities, and notice periods.

Meaningful Attraction – Engaging Passive Talent

With the business world becoming ever more challenging, it is vital that you stay ahead of your competitors by having a stronger talent pool. One of the biggest growth inhibitors facing organisations is the ability to identify and attract the best talent. With over 40 years combined experience, our search team has the track record to ensure you succeed. 

We front-load most of our campaigns, and work with your business to build an attraction pack.  This will include information about backers, key stakeholders, company performance and broader context. We have placed and on-boarded hundreds of executives over the years, many of them now main board directors in FTSE 100 organisations.

Partnering with GRG Executive Search – The Realities

Retained Partnership

  •     Working in this way with GRG Executive Search is the best way to engage with an agency that will take away the frustration of hiring, not add to it.
  •     The relationship in a retained partnership is more consultative, as we don’t need to ‘sell’ our candidates as much as advise on them, and therefore vastly more enjoyable for all parties.
  •      The best candidates want to enter reliable processes and therefore enjoy working with retained agencies.
  •      We become true ambassadors.  You will be aware of, and confident in, your brand protection and positioning, and the message going out to the candidate market.
  •      All candidates will meet the same rigour of pre-screening and selection criteria.
  •    Candidates that are proactively headhunted or apply through an advert will be yours first – we will not introduce them to other processes until you have reached a final determination.
  •      You will work with a dedicated Principal who will make every effort to understand your company.