The Risks of Retaining: FAQ

Q: No agency has all the candidates.  What happens if the best candidate is registered with another agency?

A: While it’s true that agencies do register candidates, the value a pre-existing database has for a modern proactive search is increasingly limited.  The best candidates are both identifiable and reachable, and can be attracted to an employer’s proposition as laid out above.

Q: Are more agencies better?

A: The greater the number of agencies, the less you control and are engaged in your brand protection and employer positioning.  You will also be sent a far greater volume of CVs, principally so agencies can protect their ‘right of introduction’.  Agencies should mitigate the frustrations of hiring, not add a second level to them.

Q: What happens if I’m sent an amazing CV?  Isn’t that agency doing a better job?

A: We urge Hiring Managers to be very cautious about unsolicited CVs.  Too often, the candidates “withdraw their interest” before interview and are replaced with candidates of lesser quality.  Keeping all candidates in the same process and kept to the same standards is the best way to hire.