Software Sales Recruitment

Software is the most scalable commodity in the world.  We work with businesses that grow from 'garage to global' in years or months, rather than decades.

Our team specialises in sourcing commercial talent for such businesses: Sales, Pre-Sales, and Customer Success.

In such a technology-driven, fast-paced space, the identification of talent is easy.  Meaningful attraction, however, is hard.  Candidates from the enterprise contributor upwards are fully aware of both their value and the dynamism of the software space.  This reality has to be integrated into successful searches.

We are experts in engineering and presenting a compelling narrative to candidates, demonstrating a real understanding of the competitive landscape, our clients' businesses, and local markets.  We are driven and innovative in the production of these narratives.


GRG Exec Search is brilliant at what they do. They manage to combine first rate knowledge of the Supply Chain solutions domain with outstanding personal skills to perfectly balance the needs of both the organization and candidate. GRG Exec Search isn’t one of those recruiters who wastes your time talking to you about jobs that are too junior or senior for you. I was amazed by the short response time in which GRG Exec Search was able to set out detailed proposals and they were always available for a quick call. GRG Exec Search can turn any recruitment challenge into a successful result with ease.

Nick, Programme Director - E2Open


​With more than 6 years of recruitment experience under his belt, Brett has an established network in the ITS industry.  Specialising in Cyber Security, Big Data and AI / ML roles, Brett covers full-time appointments in Sales, Pre-Sales, Data, Customer Success, and TAM across the UK, Europe and the US.

When he’s not at work or attending networking events, Brett can be found on the football pitch with friends.